Classroom Training session being prepared

Let our Experts be your Experts

Instructor-Led Online Training

Academy Training is a leader in INSTRUCTOR-LED ONLINE TRAINING to effectively maximise learning and knowledge retention.

OUR TRAINERS (Personable & Expert)

Our trainers are all certified by Microsoft or Autodesk and extremely competent and experienced in the products they are training…. do consulting work and have current, real-life corporate business experience, in addition to their training skills.

FACE-to-FACE training

We are still offering a face-to-face training option at your Business. This reduces the number of people who have to travel outside their normal place of work, and saves on travelling time for your team.
Our own classrooms are currently closed due to Covid, and we will provide updates as necessary when we are re-opening them.


We also produce in-house videos for you to host on your own intranet if that is how you prefer your team to learn. These can be tailored to specific customer branding, topics and corporate policy as required.


Academy training has our own YouTube channel and encourage all to watch our FREE videos. Our channel has many subscribers from across the world and a wide selection of videos.

Below is a short sample video from our YouTube Channel. Go ahead and subscribe to our channel for more content.