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Academy Training was formed in 2010 to provide training for businesses and their teams, as well as individuals. Our passion is to share how to get the best from your software and use it in the most efficient manner. This leaves you free to get on with doing your actual jobs, or whatever else you prefer to be doing. Better than looking at a screen wondering how to do something.

Our mission is to offer customers the best training for the best price by reducing the administrative, middle-men pinching a big slice of the pie…

There are a lot of supposed training companies out there who have no training staff, and simply look for a provider (like us) when they get a booking…and then add a huge percentage on top as their fee. If you are using such a company, you are probably paying double what you should be. You are also getting a lower quality of service as they will be unable to answer of your important questions or give advice as they lack the product knowledge and expertise our trainers can offer.

Over the years Academy Training has kept a soft footprint but built a strong reputation. We have many large Corporate and Global customers, as well as small and local businesses.

Now we all know what happened in 2020…

Covid Response

With the arrival of Covid and all the response measures that were put in place, Academy Training provided FREE Online Training courses. These were initially aimed at existing customers and keyworkers, but quickly made available to all. We continued to run these (still for FREE) throughout all the various UK lockdowns in 2020.

Screening in classroom for face-to-face training

We are optimists and like to look for the silver-lining in everything. While 2020 was a bad year for business, it was a great year for getting our trainers even more proficient in using a variety of online training tools – notably Zoom & MS Teams. Our trainers were also able to demonstrate to our customers (some may have doubted before) that online training DOES work if it is prepared, practiced, and delivered effectively.

The extra time at home also enabled us to develop our own skills. We have become even more proficient at our core products, new features and updates. We have also developed new contacts in specific product knowledge hubs around the world. This helps to keep our own skills up to date, and learn from the best. Our trainers have also presented at some of these (Toronto, London, Saudi Arabia, and are actively involved with many other globally.)

Academy Training Future

With the prospects of returning to ‘business-the-way-it-was’ looking ever less-likely, in 2021 we decided to focus on our provision of effective, online-training, not only for our existing customers but now reaching out to customers across the globe. This works well for those who have staff in various locations worldwide, and also gives the chance for us to reach customers who would have found it difficult, if not impossible, to come to our training centre in the UK.

We have looked at which of our courses can be delivered effectively online and had to remove some courses from our schedule, where it is felt they work more effectively face-to-face. We will continue to run these courses onsite for customers as company book-outs.

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